A blog dedicated to my favorite glyph of all time? Why yes, please, I’ll sooo have another.

Please take a gander at the lovely assortment of found and designed ampersands at The Ampersand. Now here goes my productivity…how gorgeous are these?!


I was so excited to read about the new movie titles that Jessica Hische worked on for Wes Anderson…yes, Wes…’s new movie Moonrise Kingdom. Watch the trailer here.

As always, I am enamored of your work Jessica…if you’re out there reading this….sigh.

Can’t wait till this comes out!

The nostalgia that paint by numbers have in my heart are taken to a whole new level with this work by Trey Speegle. I remember spending countless hours trying to perfectly color realistic versions of horses or flowers onto these thin canvases that I could parade around with and show off to my parents and grandparents. Mixing typography with this childhood obsession is so fantastic in my mind.

Referencing something that so many people have an emotional or historical attachment to is very good art sense, and I applaud Trey for playing on these different contexts. It’s something to keep in mind while designing.

All artwork found here.