Hello all! So I’m trying desperately to get with this era in terms of internet things, and I’ve subscribed to a new RSS feed as of yesterday. Please, change your feed address to this.


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Happy Tuesday!

LINK: floral pattern



Still sick, and my cute animal pinterest board is really brightening up my day. That and soup and tea with Marc for lunch 🙂

I seriously can not stop cooing at my computer screen. COME. ON. So adorable…can I have them all please?

I have just completed one of my most favorite weekends in Savannah yet. Both Marc and I had visitors from the St. Louis area, and we definitely had some adventures. From spotting gators at the Crab Shack, schmancy dinner with Megs, pictionary with friends, and boogie boarding on the beach, this weekend was JUST what I needed after the past year of non-stop grad school crazies. If I learned anything this weekend, it’s that we all need to take some more time to really enjoy life. I have amazing friends, a loving boyfriend, and I live in a beautiful city, what’s not to enjoy? Now everyone, get out there and take advantage of some summer while you still can!

Tomorrow I start grad school. I just got off the phone with a friend (who has also recently started on her way to her MEd degree) and we both feel that we are mildly unprepared and/or underdeveloped for the terminal degrees in our fields. She throws out the phrase “I’m doing [insert current and random bookish activity here] for my masters” often, which makes you feel a bit better (mature?) about the fact that we are technically still adolescents and will have to start writing theses in the upcoming months. Here’s to growing up and education.

As for décor….I’m almost DONE! I promise promise promise I’ll be getting pictures up this week at some point! My mom was in this weekend (a pit stop on her two week journey to visit college friends in Louisiana) and she did an amazing job at getting me organized for school. Aka, she bought me food and made my kitchen look pretty. I think I have enough food to last me AT LEAST 6 months, and she exclaims “well…you won’t have to worry about going to the grocery store this week Kelsey!” Dear lord.

In other exciting news, I spent my last day of freedom watching the sunset out at Tybee Island and getting dinner by the bay. Quite a splendid/sandy/itchy (mosquitos!) last night if you ask me.