A blog dedicated to my favorite glyph of all time? Why yes, please, I’ll sooo have another.

Please take a gander at the lovely assortment of found and designed ampersands at The Ampersand. Now here goes my productivity…how gorgeous are these?!


Just. Lovely.

This, and other works by Jude Landry, HERE.

Jude seems to be the best kind of designer, the kind that doesn’t let personal aesthetics get in the way of conceptual thinking and design. The kind of designer I sometimes forget to be.

This 70’s themed birthday invitation is pure perfection. It’s always important when designing to stay relevant to the era in which you’re living, while sourcing inspiration from the past. I’m definitely one for sourcing trends from the past, and in doing that, it’s easy to fall into cliches. This invitation does a great job of staying modern, while referencing 70’s style.

Now the only question left is: where’s my invite?!


This is Cuppow – a new lid that lets you drink like a boss from virtually any wide-mouth canning jar. It’s a simple, eco-friendly alternative to poor-performing and messy disposable hot cups, and over-built and expensive travel mugs.

Turing an regular item, used occasionally, into a sustainable product that could be used daily. I don’t know how many times I’m running out the door, and my travel coffee cup is dirty, or hiding somewhere, and I don’t have time to run to a coffee shop.

This is great design.

I could totally see myself using the Cuppow daily. Get in my life!


These ‘tree portraits’ are simply stunning. When I think of portraiture, I usually think of human, and possibly a dog here and there. The use of naming to provoke a different context is very powerful. These portraits make you think of each of these trees as a life, something that has existed, that needs documentation. Probably more, but I won’t go on. Sometimes the simplest works of art can provoke the most meaning.

Müge is a graphic designer. My heart skips a beat a little when I find more and more trained graphic designers acting as artists, and other such creation-based professions. The professional terms are starting to blend, and it’s seeping out everywhere. The question is, now where do we find ourselves?

Portfolio: Müge Yilmaz