Today is totally a window shopping day…an internet window shopping day.

Here are some things that I would like for my abode. Especially those coasters. Yes, coasters, you are mine! The newest addition to my family of house items is a lovely wooden table I got at a crazy sale price, and I need to protect it from all my chai tea drinking, and other such hazards.



Wow, oh wow. Can I have it all please? From the colors to the space, to THAT POOL, I think I’ve found my dream home. I seriously can’t stop thinking about this space since I spotted it around pinterest last week.

Of course, the owner is an interior stylist…Heather Nette King…who else could create such a fantastic place? Not I, not I. She lives in this home with her husband and two daughters. Her husband must be some great catch if he can live in this pink wonderland of a home!


Some spaces I’ve been drooling over lately. We had the discussion around class yesterday about how it’s hard to feel like your ever settled enough to really decorate or arrange your home the way you’d like. My apartment now has been my first place on my own, but I’m renting, and I have no idea where I’ll be going next. It’s hard to commit to things when you know you’ll be uprooted soon, and even harder when your renting, because you don’t want to put money into something that you don’t have the time to enjoy long-term. Le sigh. I promise myself the next place I go, I’ll be setting roots…at least for a couple years, and I’ll deal with the repercussions of decor-investments ┬álater on.