And it’s done. Here is the revised and final version of AMA Natural Healing.

The premise for this project was to solve the issues associated with curing common ailments. After research, including going through the process of meeting with a chinese medicine practitioner and acupuncturist for 3 months every 2 weeks (Nicole, you’re amazing!), I realized that in depth natural healing that could cure was something that needed to be done one on one, and not something that people could or should take on alone. After more research, I found that certain vitamins and herbs could be taken to help alleviate common ailments when needed. I feel I was able to bridge the gap between how natural healing is marketed now, and how it should be for the general population. Natural healing is hard to understand, and that scares a lot of people off. AMA aims to make the process of using natural healing easy to understand and accessible to the general population.

See the rest of the project here.



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Welp, it’s official, I’ve ordered the new iPhone. It doesn’t arrive for another couple weeks, but this fact hasn’t stopped me from searching for a beautiful new case. Any suggestions? I’m thinking the white and gold polkadot one. I can’t seem to get enough white and gold into my life lately. If only there were a white and gold chevron case….hmmm.

I’m quite captivated by these two product packages. I think gold is something that is hard to use right, but both of these packages do it really well. Adding the level of transparent elements, these are quite stunning, especially in the grappa bottle. The way those round elements fluctuate as the bottle spins….gorgeous.

It made my day to come home from work after a long day and find this little package at my doorstep from Mama. Filed with gum, a kind bar (yum!), and a pretty tea towel. She might be a little psychic, wasn’t I JUST posting that I wanted a new tea towel around my house!? Funny how things like that happen! Like mother, like daughter I guess. Also, check out those vintage air mail stamps! I think they’re left over from my grandmother’s old collection. Now there’s some inspiration. They polkadot packaging doesn’t hurt my eyes one bit either. Thanks Mom!