Hello everyone! This is my inspiration place. It’s not just about design, it’s about everything that interests me. I’m in a unique position where I’ve relocated to Savannah, Georgia to pursue my MFA at Savannah College of Art and Design. I’ve been here a year, and It’s been the most exciting and stressful time of my life, all bundled up into one pretty little package. This is a place for me to get all of what’s in my head and computer out and into the world.

Apart from design, I have a passion for cooking, photography, electronic music/dancing, the French language, dressing up, and green initiatives. Expect to not just follow my design career, but my many other part-time interests and endeavors.

Weekly columns include: COLOR STUDIES, where I find inspiration for picking color pallets for projects; RECIPE ADVENTURES, where I talk about my endeavors in the kitchen; OUTFITTINGS, my general style findings; MATCH UP, where I connect the dots between my daily inspirations; & ART THAT’S INSPIRING, where I feature an artist I admire each week.

Other semi-regular columns include: LOCAL DELIGHTS, where I feature one-of-a-kind local restaurants from my travels; SHOUT OUT, for when I get on my pedestal; & FROM MY PORTFOLIO, which will indulge you in my recent projects that are in the making or recently completed.

Email me at kelsey.cronkhite.design@gmail.com for any inquires, including freelancing, suggestions, or something you might want featured on pinegate road.

Thanks for taking a look around, and I always love me some commenting 😉


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