Happy Sunday everyone. I’m currently enjoying THIS MIX, by the ever so cunning MISS MOSS, and I’m lusting over THESE CLOGS…I’m in a serious need of shoes that don’t blister up my feet like whoa.


Some spaces I’ve been drooling over lately. We had the discussion around class yesterday about how it’s hard to feel like your ever settled enough to really decorate or arrange your home the way you’d like. My apartment now has been my first place on my own, but I’m renting, and I have no idea where I’ll be going next. It’s hard to commit to things when you know you’ll be uprooted soon, and even harder when your renting, because you don’t want to put money into something that you don’t have the time to enjoy long-term. Le sigh. I promise myself the next place I go, I’ll be setting roots…at least for a couple years, and I’ll deal with the repercussions of decor-investments ┬álater on.


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Well I’ve made it to twenty weeks of straight blogging folks! Color studies was my first weekly endeavor here at Pinegate Road, and it’s been this kind of secret-like tracker that I’ve been keeping, just to see how far I get with this. I honestly didn’t think I would even make it past a month, but this inspiration blogging has really lit me up, and I don’t know if I’d be able to stop if I tried! It’s been really encouraging to see how doing this has inspired my work, and has lead me into directions I never thought I could go. It’s so nice having a place to share everything I care about beyond the classroom, my boyfriend, my close friends….or my mama.