Happy Sunday everyone. I’m currently enjoying THIS MIX, by the ever so cunning MISS MOSS, and I’m lusting over THESE CLOGS…I’m in a serious need of shoes that don’t blister up my feet like whoa.


The one thing about the weather right now in Savannah, is that one day you could be wearing think cozy winter-type socks, and the next minute be grabbing your towel and a good book to head to the beach for a bit. I kind of love this bi-polar weather, it makes sure that things stay fresh.

I’m also dreaming of all the colors that spring will bring here…so, wah-bam, here are some items that would pair perfectly with this weird weather, and my serious need for pops of color. If you saw me day-to-day you’d seriously be thinking the same thing…I don’t think I’ve worn colors other than black, brown, and tan for quiiiite some time now. Yikes.

I’ve also been on the look-out for some kelly green work pants; I might have found my match!

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5


I’ve been slowly introducing native american inspired prints into my wardrobe since fall, but the abundance of these pieces showing up in stores and around the internet has made me go a bit crazy with my yearnings. There’s something about the wild yet still geometric qualities about these prints that get me every time. It’s especially neat when non-traditional color pairings are used, like in that awesome bag. I would like to rock that every day.

1 \\ 2 \\ 3 \\ 4 \\ 5

I didn’t know that faux collars existed till one day this summer when I was rummaging around a local antique shop and found these darling pearl ones (shown on top). I’m cursing that day for just taking a picture and not taking them along home with me. boo. boo. boo.

Since that day, I’ve been coming across other modern versions of this trend. My thoughts were to wear these just as necklaces, but the addition to a crew-neck sweater would be darling.

How would you pull these off? I’d love to know!

1, 2, 3

How rad are these?? These were made for the Dossier Journal. The colors, the shapes, just everything makes my eyes do the happy dance. Picture that. Happy dancing eyes. Oh yes.  Found here.

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