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Over the past couple months I was approached by a friend who has been working in corporate america, and has become fed up with certain facets of how consumerism is taking over many aspects of society today. He partnered up with another frustrated companion, and together they are starting a new movement in positive consumerism called buypositively. While they’re still in the beginnings of this journey, they’re provoking awareness over on their blog. I urge you all to bookmark, subscribe, or whatever else you fancy, over there! They bring up great points to live by, and can help you navigate this cluttered world a little better. Plus, you get to start with them at the beginning before this whole project turns into a huge success…and say you were there when it all started. Whoo!

Being dragged into the abyss that are fancy products and what-not, in the recent years I’ve been calling myself to buy products that last, and to buy products that impact the world in a positive way. While I’m still at the beginning of my own journey, and I’ve failed more often than not, the cause of buypositively ¬†resonates with me none-the-less. Over the winter season, I donated some time to helping them out with a logo. Check it out!

And on my last note, subscribe to the buypositively blog people! Thanks.


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