LOCAL DELIGHTS | mr b’s bistro

This was my Thanksgiving dinner. Yessss.

I’ve never been one for traditional holiday food, and when my family and I headed to Mr. B’s Bistro for our Thanksgiving feast, I was more than excited to try some traditional nawlins cuisine. It’s located in my favorite part of town, the french quarter. Try to walk there, as you’ll be able to window shop at all types of shops with various curiosities.

I’ll usually try anything that restaurants tote as their signature dish, and Mr B’s signature barbecue shrimp was one that almost had me doing cartwheels over the dining table. It it sweet and tangy at first, and then the peppery kick hits you when you’d least expect it. Spice is something that I’ve been trying to get more used to lately, and this was the perfect transition into that world…it fools you with the first flavor. The french bread all over New Orleans is just…something else. The bread on the side of this dish is perfect for soaking up any left over sauce. Actually, the bread and the sauce may have even been better than the actual shrimp! For these shrimp, the waiter will politely come over to you and tie a bib around your neck. It was so much fun getting to dig into your dish hands first at such a fine establishment. The shrimp come whole and you have to peel them yourself. This really made for such an enjoyable holiday meal.

I also indulged in a side of goat cheese macaroni and cheese. So. Wonderful. I’m going to have to try and make a homemade version, although I doubt it will come close to the masterpiece that was this macaroni.

If you ever make it to New Orleans, Mr. B’s will definitely be a place to remember for their signature New Orleans food with a fancy flair.

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  1. Greg said:


    I especially liked the BIB Alert! Too funny…haha. Glad you liked Thanksgiving, now back to semi traditional in South Dakota 2012!

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