LOCAL DELIGHTS | green truck pub

The Green Truck has to be my one of my other favorite restaurants in Savannah. It has the most unusual burger combinations, and another plus is that they make a great veggie burger that can be substituted for any burger on their menu. I come back again and again for the Rustico. It’s a veggie burger topped with a mound of softened goat cheese, caramelized onions, roasted red peppers, and fresh basil. With a side of their signature salad that combines bleu cheese, maple glazed walnuts, apples, and their homemade balsamic dressing, this dish is something that I can never get enough of. As a treat, I topped this meal off with a glass of Brooklyn Brewery’s Black Chocolate Stout. Meal perfection.

Marc ordered the real deal burger with a side of fries. I couldn’t help but steal a couple. They are seasoned to perfection; nice and crispy. I can’t recall what his burger was named, I think I was too enamored by the idea of my burger topped with a mound of goat cheese to keep my thoughts straight, but his was piled with pepperjack cheese and lotsa jalapeños. Too spicy for me, but he really enjoyed it. Please, bask away in this burger glory.

Green Truck Pub on Urbanspoon


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