PORTFOLIO | chalet typeface poster

I thought I’d finally get around to posting a little of my own creation up here. This is a slight work in progress, as this weekend will be dedicated to making an animation based on this poster. I’ve taken House Industries’ Chalet typeface, and some inspiration from vintage ski posters to create this. Here’s a little history:

“Chalet is an entrepreneurial effort to combat the modern revival happening in the 90’s. Chalet is a quirky geometric sans serif typeface created by House Industries in 1996. House Industries invented the clothing designer turned typographer René Albert Chalet as the creator of the typeface. In actuality, the three unique styles of the Chalet typeface family can be attributed to Andy Cruz and Ken Barber. The real name of the typeface refers to the word ‘house’ in Switzerland. Chalet became of the most profitable typefaces at House Industries, and has spurred two new versions: Chalet Comprimé and Chalet Book.”

Here I’ve used typical swiss style layout elements, as well as a common ski poster headline. Fabric texture was added to each element to reference the story behind the typeface. My favorite part was playing with the typographic snowflakes. I feel a tangent coming on now that the holiday season is fast approaching. Watch out.


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