ART THAT’S INSPIRING | melanie sloan

I’m incredibly excited about featuring one of my very good friends on here! Melanie Sloan, a fellow classmate just completed this project for her Print Studio II class here at SCAD.

Here is what Melanie says about the project:

“There are things about ourselves that we love and there are things about ourselves that we hate. Sometimes we discover these to be one and the same. I hope that by posing the simple, encouraging phrase “If You Are _____ Be” that people might find themselves in a moment of self-reflection. I hope those who have traits they struggle with might find a way to claim them and exclaim them, and that those who are at peace with themselves might take a moment to celebrate. If you are quiet, passionate, stubborn, eccentric, loud, confident, gentle, rigid, etc., BE quiet, passionate stubborn, eccentric, loud, confident, gentle, etc.!”

While in the car the other day, driving to the doctors, she handed me this lovely print she’d been working on. She created 200, and passed them out all over Savannah as little one of a kind treasures for people to find. Each one is different and was screen printed at home by Melanie. It’s a nice reminder to be introspective and learn to love who and what you are. It’s ok, just BE it. I had mine in bed with me yesterday, and I kept reciting my new mantra: if you are sick, be sick. If this sickness is teaching me anything it’s that my body knows best and I really need to stop pretending to be OK and pushing through things. If I am sick, I need to be sick, and take care of myself. Something as simple as that can go a lot way, and I love that this project can bring these small revelations out of people. Way to go Melanie!

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