cross off acupuncture from the list…

I never thought I’d be doing it, but today I’m trying acupuncture. I’m meeting with a local herbalist and acupuncturist…mostly to talk about herbs. The acupuncture just happens to go along with the appointment.

For my 3D graphics class, I’m trying to change the perception of natural remedies, and hopefully make them easy to use for anyone interested. Why not jump right in and go for it myself? One thing I’m loving about grad school is the research…yeah, didn’t see that one coming either! I’m remembering back to my 8th grade English class where I did my first research paper….my topic was Anastasia.  I poured over every book that I could find at the library, and reading a couple books in a month or so was a big deal to me back then! I had a real passion for that paper that I’ve been lacking since, now that I realize it. Lately, I love being able to immerse myself in so many different eras and ways of life to really understand the perspective that I need to take my designs in. I feel like a design scientist. It feels really rewarding when you have the research and meaning behind what your creating, instead of doing things because they look neat or you are trying to copy someone else’s successful style. It took me a while to figure this out, and really, I don’t have much figured out, but I think I’m on the right track at the very least…


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