RECIPE ADVENTURES | shrimp and potato salad

photos by Kelsey Cronkhite

Marc and I were invited to an end of summer barbecue with the neighbors Tuesday afternoon. I quickly googled some recipes for shrimp and potatoes, ingredients I had ample amounts of already at hand. What I found was this recipe. While I have an avid passion for concocting recipes myself, I’m really not the best at it. Here I’ll begin to share with you what I will refer to as my recipe adventures. I’ll take other recipes, and share my experience making them…with a few twists here and there. Sound good? OK!

Something I love about this recipe is how fresh it is. It mixes everything from fresh vegetables, to cooked potatoes, some olive oil, red wine vinegar for that acidic taste, shrimp for the protein, and fresh onions for that crunch. This really turned out better than I expected! I’ll have to let you all know how the neighbors like it, but I’m pretty sold!

Follow the recipe here.

Kelsey’s changes: I used a while onion instead of a red onion, because that’s what I had around, and I also added in some chopped spring onions for that added bit of color. Sadly, dried basil was used for this recipe. I have some basil growing on my fire escape, but it’s just too little to begin to take leaves off. My basil plants are taking toooo long for my liking! Next, I just mixed all the ingredients except for the potatoes together first, and set it in my fridge for the potatoes to finish. Instead of peeling the potatoes with a dishrag, I used a serrated peeler…it just seemed to work better for me. Let the potatoes sit in running cold water for a while before you begin to peel, this speeds up the process. And when peeling, rub off all excess water with the towel before beginning to peel; I got much cleaner results with this. Next I prepared the potatoes per the recipe, and added them to the mix. Set in the fridge till you’re ready to serve, and hopefully your guests will love this fresh version of a potato salad.

Let me know how this turns out for you if you decide to try this out!


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