productivity clock

What a great clock. I love functional, beautiful design that has a quirky aspect to it. It’s definitely a product for someone who doesn’t run on time, but rather on a system of procedures, project deadlines. I can see this being perfect for myself and my fellow design classmates. This is one of those ideas I’d wish I’d come up with first…beautifully executed.

Designed by Maria Bergström

With my project I want to illustrate the different methods of how we measure and visualize time and the traces they leave behind. The result is a tool that makes time visible and that facilitates the overview of future assignments. The magnets, covered in leather, representing different assignments are placed on the board. When the pointer has reached the magnets the assignments are suppose to be done and moved back the to the storage plate. You can easily see what things you postpone, but at the same time it can help to create structure. In any case, time passes, regardless of whether you choose to procrastinate or if you plan your life into the smallest of details.


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