The bare necessities

I survived my first week! So, as promised, here are a couple snippets of how I have begun to decorate my new apartment. I bought a pair of fantastic dark turquoise leather chairs to go in the living room, and will be ordering a couch this week at some point. The living room is housing the random chairs for now so that I have a place to sit while watching tv.

Here is a shot of my bed frame, comforter and a bit of my side table. I’m obsessed with mirrored furniture right now. My mom surprised me and picked this mirror-topped side table out for me when she helped me move in. The silver paint has been growing on me, but I might be painting it a matte grey soon. I’ll see. I can’t decide yet.

This is the view of most of my bedroom, from the little hallway/door area. Again, I’m loving the mirrors, and the height of the ceilings!!!

Here is my creative station aka desk area. I found the chair and rug at World Market, and the desk is IKEA. I’m excited to find a way to decorate above. I’m thinking of doing something of a ‘design line’ in the fashion of a clothes line, but I’ll hang up design inspiration. I’m sure this will be an upcoming post once I get time to actually work on the details rather than stuffing my apartment with pretty things in order to get by.

Last but not least, the living room. Rug is Homegoods, table Target, the place mats were bought at a Frank Lloyd Wright gift shop back in Pennsylvania, and the lamp is IKEA. I’m loving this room so far. It’s nice that it’s smaller and I can actually work with one style and one space rather than trying to fit three different functioning areas like I have to in my bedroom.
After my shopping spree today, I’ll have a lot more to share with you all (y’all? Can I start saying that after living here for a week?!) soon. Love love loving homegoods 🙂


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