Southern Impressions

I’m crazily tired right now, and I accidentally ate bacon at lunch today, so I think I’m going even more insane than normal…so here is goes.

I’m loving my new apartment! The landlords and handywomen have been here all day fixing things around the place, so I haven’t been able to get quite settled. I haven’t been able to take a shower yet, and all of my things are still in a pile in the middle of the living room. Bonus is that cable/internet is up and running. I have my TV on top of a small glass outdoor table that I’m hoping doesn’t just collapse in the middle of the night.

Mom will be bringing all my IKEA finds on Friday. I can’t wait to have furniture/desk/shelving to organize my things into.

The weather was not as bad as I’m assuming it can get here. Unloading my car was a little rough, but my air conditioning in the apt is wonderful 🙂

I’m going to start trying to organize this mess and eat some super as they say down here.

Look forward to a post of my vacant place that I’ll get up either tonight or tomorrow!


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