The Beginning

Hello all! In lieu of my upcoming redesign of my website and move to Savannah, Georgia to attend SCAD for grad school, I am creating this diary to share with you a bit of insight into my head.

A graphic designer by choice, and a creative by heart, my influences and ventures are constantly changing. As a starting point I’m hoping to not only allow you to see into my life, but to get a grasp of it myself; piece by piece, post by post. I don’t want to limit myself to just design, because really, my influences come from all over. I’m intensely interested in creating new pescatarian cuisines, finding new hobbies, photography, interior decorating, and painting my nails (lammmeee, but not…). I could go on and on, but hopefully you get the picture.

So here’s where I’m at now. I left Iowa City at the end of July, where I spent the past four years studying graphic design as an undergrad at the University of Iowa. I turn twenty-two in twenty-four hours. On Monday I leave for Savannah. New town, new culture, new place, new friends, new EVERYTHING. I’ll arrive Tuesday morning with a loaded car, and hopefully a mattress will be delivered to my apartment in the meantime… At this point I’m insanely excited about this new turn in my life. I’m finally going to be around an enormous group of creative people that are just as excited about design/art/life as I am.

I keep daydreaming about how I’m going to decorate my new apartment. After raiding IKEA Pittsburgh this past weekend I have kind of baby bit of an idea. Look forward to many many many posts on my apartment decorating. I’m warning that this ‘decorating’ will most likely include neon colors. I might have the tendency to over-use neon. Just maybe.

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  1. sarahndipity747 said:

    Hi! Nice to read about some who’s in the same place in life! I can share your enthusiasm/excitement/nervousness lol. Hope you don’t mind if I subscribe to you. It’d be interesting to compare someone who’s in the same boat’s take on this city.

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